The Department of Conservation does Porn

The Department of Conservation does Porn

The company recently sent me to Taupo to help out a store there for a week. It was nice. Having driven through Taupo many times, I have never had the pleasure of staying there. It’s a really nice place to stay, swarming with tourists much of the year, particularly I suppose during winter, being in cooee of our lovely ski slopes and beautiful volcanos Ruapehu and Ngaruahoe.

I was put up in a very nice motel, right on the lake front. The long week was broken up abit with the arrival of my daugher to stay for a couple of nights. After work on the Saturday we decided to go and visit the local and famous Huka Falls. The water gushes through this waterway at about a gazillion litres per something or other, either way, there’s a power of gushing water. Coming upon the above mentioned sign, it stopped me in my tracks. The title caught my eyes. Bursting into laughter I waited as my daughter came to join me, and was rewarded with a similar response from her. But seriously. If this doesn’t sound like the title of a porno movie, I don’t know what does! So good on you Department of Conservation, you have provided an extremely funny and distracting sign to mark this special spot. I commend you.


Life is Scary – Life is Wonderful

Life is Scary - Life is Wonderful

Lost my job nearly 2 weeks ago. The search for a new one has begun. It’s not proving easy. The 2-3 days after losing my job, was a whole lot of numb, tears, panic, outright scariness. However, in true Sagittarian style, I will refuse to take it lying down. The pity party was okay for those few days, but you can’t live in that place forever, quite simply because it makes you a totally boring and self-centred kind of person.

So I put my big girl panties on, some lippy, and keep moving forward. Albeit at a very slow pace, but any moving is good right? I took this picture of this lovely late summer rose yesterday, its delicate pink softness against the strong blue of the sky was a delightful contrast. It reminded me that despite how grim life is currently feeling, I am lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty, not to mention the enormous amounts of love poured all over me by some very special friends. The friends that pull you into their arms, tell you they love you and how much they value you, and then tell you that you don’t have to deal with this alone, because they will drag you through this, onwards and upwards!

The reality is, this shitty thing has happened. I can’t change it. It happened for a reason right? So the best thing to do, is to hold onto hope. Find joy in the myriad of amazingness that is everywhere. Trust and hope, belief in the intangible. And just plain old stubborness.

Laughing is always going to be better than crying. So fingers crossed. The perfect job is out there for me, just waiting for me to come along and snatch it up. My hands are open and ready.

Grains of Sand on a Small Dark Nose

Grains of Sand on a Small Dark Nose

My small dog, Snoopy. Little treasure. When does that thing happen, when you look at their little face, and suddenly it has started to look old? I think it’s the grey eyebrows. Can’t pinpoint when they “turned”. Such a dear little face, little grains of sand stuck to his nose. Very happy because (a) he’s at the beach and (b) he’s at the beach with his Mama.

We can learn SO much from dogs. It really is the little things that make them happy. They truly don’t ask for much. Just to be loved. A simple beach walk. A gentle touch from a loved one. So easy. So special.

Take Me to the Seaside

Take Me to the Seaside

Celebrated the first day of Autumn with a trip to the Mount Maunganui beach. Best idea ever. Soothing, therapeutic and just damn good fun hanging out with my 15 year old son and our 2 cavalier king charles spaniel doggies.

Fish and chips for dinner eaten straight out of the newspaper, lashings of the obligatory kiwi tomato sauce, sea breeze and a can of coke to wash it down. Adored by 2 pair of brown button eyes hoping for maverick chip escapees.

The day was perfect to be at the beach. The temperature was warm, still, not windy, not too chilly. Just perfect. Many people littered the beach with their bodies, and the surfers enjoyed the plentiful waves. We wandering in a leisurely fashion. My head a little bit soothed from the potential state of unemployment looming over it. Walking by the sea can help sort so much rubbish from in your head. The little sparkle plant in the picture was busy skimming backwards and forwards with the incoming tide. The doggies were in piddling heaven. So many other dogs smells to pee over and wipe from the face of the earth (in their little doggie brains anyway).

So Autumn, consider yourself welcomed. And thanks for enhancing the pleasure of my trip to the seaside.

Haroo Autumn


1st of March in the Southern Hemisphere.  Summer has left town now and the lovely and delicously visually aromatic Autumn as taken it’s place.  Can’t say I’m sad, Autumn is my 2nd favourite season, following very closely on the heels of Spring (for obvious reasons).  Who doesn’t love Spring?  Autumn has the most incredible feel to it.  It’s not even a tangible feeling, just the hint of coolness that brushes over your skin first thing in the morning.  The crispness.  The hint of things beginning their slow decline into winter hibernation.  I love this part.

I’m waiting with relish for the leaves to start their turn.  My camera trigger finger is twitching in anticipation already, planning in my head the thought of prospecting out to find the most outrageously coloured autumn leaves, the rich reds, golds, oranges and yellows. I always try to keep a few autumn leaves inside on my coffee table, to hold onto the beauty of them, but they were never made to be a lasting beauty and the colour fades as the brittleness of the delicate leaf crumbles away.  A respite from the humid heat of Summer will be welcome by many.  Plus one other beneficial side-effect of the cooler weather – the opportunity to wear my new black leather boots, purchased at the end of last Winter, but barely worn.  Boots with just the perfect height and shape heel.  Supple black, knee length sexy as boots.  Can’t wait to get those on my legs. 

So, welcome Autumn.  It’s sure great to see you back 🙂


When shit gets serious

Shit has got serious.  Lost my job 2 days ago.  Out of the blue.  Unexpected.  Worse, completely unexpected.  Have been treated very badly by these people (supposed friends) who lured me away from my long term secure job with promises of short hours and loads of money.  Didn’t work out how they thought it would for them, so too bad, bye bye baby, you’re down the road.  Bad enough being alone in the world, now being alone, jobless and poor as well.  Man it sucks.  Of course there are a gazillion people in the same position right throughout the world, but sadly, that is cold comfort for me at this point.

Three weeks to find another job.  Three weeks is not enough time to find another job.  Maybe I can’t even find another job?  What to do, what to do…..   It’s really scary.  There’s no one to back me up here, no partner/husband to pay the rent in the meantime.  Just me.  All my friends are fantastic, doing everything they can to be supportive.  Love my friends.  Just leaves sad sack me.  It’s hard “selling” yourself.  In this day and age when jobs are in overwhelming demand, and they are few and far between compared to the masses out job hunting, you really have to SELL SELL SELL yourself, blow your own trumpet, say “look at me, I’m wonderful and perfect for your job”!!!

So, thanks life for the latest curve ball.  Haven’t finished dealing with the last slew of curve balls yet, but thanks for keeping me on my toes….  excuse me while I remove my tongue from my cheek.

Lemon Sucking Valentine’s Day

ImageValentine’s Day actually does suck like a lemon, just a smidgen, when you have no-one showering you with flowers, chocolates, perfume, kisses, dinner out, wine etc etc

Thought I was gonna be a brave chick about it, but sitting like a loner on the sofa last night, just gave me a big, sad pity party.  Did I feel sorry for myself?  Hell yeah.

The good news – it’s now the day after and I can get on with being a loner on an ordinary day.

No sweat.

P.S. To those of you who have a love partner and you are only just getting to Valentine’s Day in your part of the world, I hope it rocks for you and turns out better than you even hoped or dreamed.  And to the other loner’s in the world, well,  I hope it passes quickly for you. 😉