The Brave Little Raindrop

The Brave Little Raindrop

Reading and books have been my life ever since I was tiny. Reading stories takes you to another place outside your current existence, where you can live dreams that your reality won’t allow. To be lost within a book is one of my greatest joys.

When my babies were small, I immersed them in the written word from the moment they were born. Teaching each of them to read well before they began school at the age of 5 years. They could read at a minimum of a 10 year age when they first started school.

Bedtime for my little ones always involved reading a story. And then, it began to morph, into me asking each of them to choose a topic, any topic, and I would make them up a story. I have to say we had some VERY random stories some nights, but created memories that I’m sure will last them forever. My daughter who is on the fast train to turning 21, still remembers quite a few of these stories, one of which I will share with you.


Once upon a time, a little raindrop lived high on a cloud with all the other raindrops. They lived on a fat, grey puffy cloud, looking down, far, far below to the unknown place.

One day, it was the little raindrop’s turn to fulfil his destiny. “What? Jump off my fat friendly puffy cloud into nowhere” he thought? “But my life will be over!” Fear paralysed him and he clung determinedly to the edge of his homely cloud. He was so frightened, as he watched his friends falling joyfully into the air, and his courage deserted him. As time went on, he began to realise his destiny in life was not to live forever floating on a cloud and that until he flew free, he would never know what his life was meant to be.

He inched closer to the edge, and went forward without a further thought. As he sailed through the clear bright sky, all fear was gone, his spirit was light and laughter bubbled within him.

And the Brave Little Raindrop flew and flew, finally reaching the Earth. And do you know? The little raindrop landed in the rich dark soil, right on top of a little wee acorn. And that one Brave Little Raindrop helped that little acorn grow into a strong and mighty Oak Tree, that reached 100 feet into the sky!

The End


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